Title: 台灣連鎖零售業涉入電子商務之研究
The Adoption of E-Commerce by Retail Chain Stores in Taiwan
Authors: 陳士龍
Shrlong Chen
Charles V. Trappey
Keywords: 電子商務;網路商店;線上零售;經營模式;網站開發評量;示範網站;建置流程;台灣連鎖零售業;e-commerce adoption;e-retailing;online store;business model;website development;Shrlong E-Store Prototype;E-Commerce Website Classification Schema;Taiwan retail chain stores
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract:   零售業在台灣市場上呈現高程度的競爭,而新的零售型態也不斷的在台灣發展。網際網路的出現提供了業者一些新的機會,但同時也存在著某種程度的不確定性。對大部分國家的零售業來說,線上零售的年營業額還佔不到整體零售業年營業額的百分之一,但卻呈現逐年成長的趨勢,且其佔整體零售營業額的比例也是持續增加,從大型實體零售商不斷發展電子商務的動作下,不難了解網際網路對於零售商是佔有相當程度的重要性的。 零售商最主要的功能就是降低生產者的交易成本,而此一功能也正是網際網路的最大特色,網際網路對於實體零售業究竟是機會還是威脅呢?本研究將要以台灣連鎖零售業為主體,嘗試定位電子商務在此一領域的發展。本研究首先建構了一套量化方法來評量網站的發展程度,藉著此套方法來分析台灣連鎖零售業中,十三種零售領域中網站的開發程度。而後將此評量結果再與台灣的網路零售業者相比較,以發現實體零售與線上零售業者之間在網站開發程度上的不同。 而究竟技術是否為實體零售業者進入電子商務的一大障礙呢?本研究在最後提供了一個線上商店的雛形,而此線上商店是建築在本研究架構之上的,包含了線上商店一般具有的功能,實體零售業者不僅可以此範例線上商店了解線上零售的實際活動,同時還可參考此範例商店來建構屬於自己的網路商店!
  The online sales in Taiwan is about NTD 400 millions in the Year 2000, and this amount is more than twice of the Year 1999. Even if the online sales in many countries do not reach one percent of the overall retail sales, such like United States and Japan, it is inappropriate to neglect the trend of increasing online sales. Internet seems an emerging channel to business, especially to retail industry. A retailer plays a role as an intermediary to save transaction cost for producers, and Internet has the same function as well as retailers. Is Internet a substitute or complementary for physical retailers? The level of e-commerce adoption by physical retailers is the exact answer for the question. This research focuses on the physical retail chains in Taiwan to analyze the scenario of e-commerce adoption. A quantitative approach for grading websites will be derived to perform investigation in this research. Based on the different product features, thirteen retail sectors are divided to show their own positions in the e-commerce development map. In addition, by comparing the physical retailers with the pure e-retailers, this research will find the difference of online transaction development between these two industries. Is the technique a big problem for physical retailers to involve e-commerce? This research provides an online retail prototype in the end. This prototype is created according to the research framework. Physical retailers could refer to this online retail prototype not only to comprehend the online activities, but also to further construct their own websites to develop online business.
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