Title: 人員服務品質績效之探討-以百貨公司為例
The Research for Departmrnt Stores' Employee Service Performance
Authors: 黃淑文
Brandy Huang
Dr. Jen-Hung Huang
Keywords: 百貨公司;人員服務品質;訓練滿意度;賣場人員管理;訓練頻率;人格特質;Department Store;High Communicated;Employee's Service Quality;Training Saticifaction;Control for Employee;Training Frequency;Characteristics
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 台灣百貨業正進入21世紀超競爭的時代,面對去年台灣政經環境驟變,股匯市疲弱,民間財富縮水與信心不足,而消費能力將逐步緊縮,百貨業為首當其衝的產業之一而百貨業之服務性及資訊性商品及服務,是必須透過“人”來創造及傳遞的,故“人”是百貨業的生存競爭利器之一,百貨公司是屬於一種高接觸性的服務業,和顧客接觸頻率最高的莫過於服務人員,而且服務人員與顧客互動的結果,通常會直接影響顧客對公司的印象,在互動過程中,服務人員的儀態、服務技巧、談吐等都會影響顧客的感受,但是由於服務人員的素質、背景、個性都不盡相同,況且國內百貨公司的專櫃比率都很高,公司對專櫃人員的約束力並不大,因此在人員因素上要保持穩定的服務水準並不容易。 本研究希望透過對人員服務品質的探討;了解百貨公司如何提昇其績效,並藉此提出有效之影響變數以提供業者參考。 本研究採問卷調查方式進行實證,選定一家本土百貨公司,一家中日合資公司之專櫃小姐來進行問卷調查,每家各發120份問卷,共計240份問卷,廢卷27份,共收集213有效問卷,經過統計分析方法後其結論如下:。 研究結果發現: 1.本土百貨及中日合資百貨在人員服務品質上,訓練頻率上,訓練滿意度上及賣場人員管理控管程度上顯然有差異;在以上這些變數中,中日合資百貨公司表現較為優良。 2.專櫃小姐之所得及受訓練之時數越高,則人員服務品質越好。 3.人員服務品質績效受訓練滿意度之影響最大,受賣場人員管理之控管程度之影響次之。 4.性別對人員服務品質之績效並無相關影響。
Now, the department store industry in Taiwan will enter 21 centuries which we call that “super-competitive” era. In the past, the political and economic situation in Taiwan changed very fast. Department store industry is one of these industries influenced by the situation. Not only service and informative products, but also service will create and convey by person. So, person is one of the useful estate which department store can compete with others. Department store is one of high-communicated service industries. Service Employee will contact with customers frequently. The outcome of service employee and customers interacting will influence the first impression about this department store. In the process of interacting, the service employee surface, service skill and what they talk will influence customers’ feeling. But it’s very different from employee quality, background and characteristics, and there is a high rate of special store in department store. In Taiwan, department store’s management department can not control these employee very effectively. It’s very difficult for keeping stable service quality. This study will research employee service quality and know how department store can raise it’s performance. Then point out the valid and influential variables, and afford these variables as reference. This study uses questionnaire for collecting data. Choose one local department store and one Chinese-Japanese joint venture department store and send questionnaires to them. Each of them had received 120 questionnaires , all of questionnaires are 240. 27 are invalid and 213 are valid. After statistical analysis, we find some conclusions: 1.It’s different in employee’s service quality, training frequency, training satisfaction and control for employee-compare local department store with Chinese-Japanese joint venture department store. Chinese-Japanese joint venture department store employees perform better than local department store employees in this variable. 2.If the employee’s income and training hours are higher, their service quality will be better. 3.Training satisfied degree will influence the employee’s performance in service quality highly. The number two variable is controlled for employee. 4.Different gender has no influence on employee’s service quality.
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