Title: 因應網路電話(VoIP)發展國際語音服務競爭策略之研究
The Research on the Competitive Strategies of Int'l Voice Service meeting the Development of VoIP
Authors: 陳春美
Chun-Mei Chen
Dr. Chyan Yang
Keywords: 市場滲透;科技替代;競爭策略;競爭優勢;網路電話;公共交換通信網路;網際網路通信協定;Penetration;Substitution;Competitive Strategies;Competitive Advantage;VoIP;PSTN;IP(Internet Protocal)
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 網路電話(VoIP)是建立在Internet傳輸語音之通信。未來資訊、語音 和影像等多媒體傳輸,將整合在以IP網路為基礎全球開放式通信架構。而傳統電路交換式電話(PSTN)已提供傳統通信約一百年,國際傳統電信業者已投置PSTN相當多成本,且一向仰賴語音營收比重甚高。面對科技的快速改變替代,傳統電信業者究應何去何從為本文探討動機。 網路電話在技術上對傳統電話為替代關係,在市場上目前兩者為互補關係,專家學者預估VoIP在技術上要完全替代PSTN約需5~10年時間。台灣在2001年1月起開放新固網業者經營國際電話,而7月起開放國內外ISR 業者可經營網路電話,對中華電信國際電話營收衝擊顯見加大。中華電信如何結合既有PSTN、Super eCall業務及推出新I-Phone產品,就價格策略及產品策略作最佳競爭組合,使國際語音市場不被迅速侵蝕實為本研究之主旨。 面對競爭環境丕變,除連結既有資源基礎之競爭優勢外,要強化市場角色之競爭定位,重新轉化和創造顧客、投資人及員工之新價值,對內要有能力管理所要達成轉變,對外培養在市場上迅速回應顧客需求能力,則為刻不容緩之議題。
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocal) carries voice through Internet . In the future, Data、Voice and Video Conferencing will be integrated on the basis of global IP Network. PSTN has offered voice service for about 100 years, incumbent carriers have invested a lot in PSTN, and have relied most of revenue from PSTN. The main thrust of this research is to investigate the competitive strategies for the incumbent. The relationship between VoIP and PSTN are substitution from technical viewpoint. Many specialists on VoIP forcast that “Total Substitution” will take about 5-10 years. The new fixed line network providers in Taiwan are permitted to run international voice service since January, 2001, and ISRs since July, 2001. The revenue loss from PSTN for Chunghwa Telecom will enlarge the impact. Important issues of CHTI facing the VOIP include pricing and product strategies, minimizing impact to existing customers, keeping PSTN clients, and defensing VOIP market share. This research has found the following : 1、Pricing Strategy :pro-actively adopt attractive price to defend the market share, to set 10% profit ratio as the target of running business. 2、Product Strategy :offer the similar product and price in the market to let competitors no opportunity to set market segmentation and prevent their service appearing in front of customers. 3、Move to IP industry value chains: Voice bandwith will be a little part of Data transmission, quickly move to IP value chains to win the future competitive advantage. By combining the resource-based advantage and enforcing the competition positioning, to transform and create the new value for customers、investors and employees of CHT might give CHT a brighter future.
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