Title: 企業購買行為及其行銷策略意涵之研究---以中華電信CENTREX業務為例
The Idustrial Buying Behavior and Its Implications of Marketing Strategy---A Case Study of CHT's CENTREX Service
Authors: 江福財
Fu-Tsai Chiang
Chao-Ming Chen
Keywords: 中華電信;集中式數位小交換機;專用交換機;行銷策略;CHT;CENTREX;PBX;marketing strategy
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: CENTREX 係centralized extension system取第一個字之CENTR與第二個字之EX所形成的縮寫,中文名為「集中式數位小交換機」。中華電信CENTREX業務對想擁有「專用交換機(PBX)」的企業機構,提供了一種新選擇。 CENTREX業務在美國蓬勃發展,在台灣使用率卻偏低。本研究經由市場問卷調查,以Choffray & Lilien工業購買模式為研究架構藍本,以JMP和SAS統計軟體為工具,探討客戶對CENTREX的認知度、接受度及其使用意願,試圖找出CENTREX的目標市場,擬訂有效的行銷策略,以提升CENTREX的使用率。 研究結果顯示:在認知度分析方面,有32%客戶對CENTREX業務仍不清楚,且CENTREX業務的行銷溝通方式及溝通頻率對受訪者的認知均有顯著差異;在接受度分析方面,影響企業機構租用CENTREX之意願,與產品之功能、價格、品質、供裝時程、維修效率等產品屬性,以及環境限制因素、組織要求因素、組織屬性息息相關。 最後對中華電信提出行銷策略之建議如下,產品策略方面:(1)檢討產品屬性(2)因應客戶需求(3)迎接嶄新技術(4)縮短供裝時程(5)確保售後服務品質。 訂價策略方面:(1)合理反應成本(2)善用租約與折扣。通路策略方面:(1)與PBX通路商結盟(2)與CENTREX話機廠商結盟。促銷策略方面:(1)定期辦行銷活動(2)培養專戶經理專業能力(3)自己辦公室率先使用CENTREX(4)強化促銷宣傳。
CENTREX is a centralized extension system. It provides customers who want to have the functions of PBX another choice. At present, the usage of CENTREX in Taiwan is not so voguey as in America. The study carried by using the model of Choffray and Lilien industrial buying behavior , utilizing statistical tools of JMP and SAS after collecting the questionnaire , and analyzed the awareness and the acceptance of CENTREX by the market, trying to find its implications of marketing strategy . The result of this study indicates that: 32% of subjects still don't know CENTREX service. The subjects' awareness of CENTREX isn't independent of the way they got the messages and the frequency they participated the promotional activities . Their acceptance of CENTREX depends on the product attributes, the organizational attributes and the factors of environmental restriction and that of organizational requirement. Finally, the study makes some suggestions of marketing strategy for CHT. For the product strategy : (1)reviewing product attributes (2)meeting requirements of customers (3)promoting to new technique (4) improving the schedule of service providing (5)ensuring the quality of the product. For the price strategy: (1)responding to the cost reasonably (2)making contract with the customer and giving discount to long term user. For the place strategy: (1)making alliance with PBX venders(2)making alliance with venders of CENTREX telephone set. For the promotion strategy: (1)holding promotion activities periodicly (2)enhancing the profesional ability of sales account managers (3)establishing CENTREX in CHT's office first (4)enhancing promotion and advertisement.
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