Title: 土地價格改變機制之研究--以新竹縣治區公告現值實證
A study about the institution for analyzing the variation of land price — an experiment on Shin-Chow area
Authors: 蕭烽政
Feng-Cheng Shiao
Dr. Hwa-Rong Shen
Keywords: 機制;土地價格;公告現值;事件;環境;mechanism;land price;actual price to bulletin;events;environment
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 土地是自然所賦予,人力無法產生,其區位及數量固定不變且為人民生活所需,是一種特殊的公共財,因此土地價格之改變無法以一般產品視之。本論文針對土地價格變化的因素及其改變機制作相關之研究,針對一片大塊面積的土地,對於其價格的變化,用新的分類觀念,如主觀事件類,客觀環境類,及其他類來分析目前土地價格的變化並研究對未來土地價格的變化有所掌控。 本研究以新竹縣治遷建地區公告現值為實證對象,透過問卷調查方式,以「事件類」、「環境類」、「其他類」,為分類標準,並衡量「實施都市計畫」、「辦理區段徵收」、「新竹縣政府遷入」、「交通道路興闢」、「學校公園設立」、「大型商業設施營運」、「鐵路(噪音)高壓電線」、「路衝位置」、「不知因素」等九項影響地價改變因素;透過文獻之探討及問卷量表之統計分析。 初步得到以下之結論: 1. 影響地價之因素,因三分類後能對地價變化的機制將更清楚。 2. 事件類,由於其主觀及不可量化的特性,當土地價格往下修正時,其加速的效果更為明確。 3. 環境類,由於其客觀及可量化的特性,當土地價格往下修正時,產生抗跌性不大,當土地價格上漲時,其加速效果明確。
Land it is given as a present by the nature, and can’t be produced by the manpower. It is needed for the people living with, and has fixed location and amount. We also can regard it as a special public good. According to this, we can’t apply the general product price function to it. This paper was a study about the institution for analyzing the variation of land price. For analyzing the variation of the land price, we tried to employ new category concepts like subjective events category, objective environment category and other factor category etc. By conducting the investigation, we also want to catch more information for predict the land price in the future. We use the actual land price to bulletin in Shin-Chow area for doing the investigation, and complete the survey study by using a questionnaire. We sort the data following event category, environment category, and some other factor category. In each category, we evaluated the nine important factors associated to the land price. They are city development program, land levying program, government agency moving in effect, road construction program, public service construction program(like park and school), big commercial construction program, some construction program of contamination nature, location of the land, and other unknown elements. After the statistical analysis and literature review. The key findings that get from the result of data analysis are described below: 1. By using the three categories, we can identify the factors associated to the land price clearly. 2. In events category, according to its non-quantitative and subjective properties. When it is beneficial to decrease the value of the land, it also makes significant effects to the land price. 3. In environment category, according to its objective and quantitative properties. When the land price was corrected to lower level, it have no effect to reverse the decrease in price. When the land price was going up, it made significant effects to the land price.
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