Title: 工作異動之組織正義知覺對異動後工作態度之影響
The Effects of Organizational Justice in Job Transfer on Work Attitudes after Transfer
Authors: 鄭坤裕
Kun-Yu Cheng
Yau-De Wang
Keywords: 工作異動;組織正義;信任;工作態度;Job Transfer;Organizational Justice;Trust;Work Attitude
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討「工作異動之組織正義」知覺與員工在組織內之「信任」行為,對工作異動後「工作態度」的交互影響作用。本研究將信任視為情境因素,以檢驗正義對工作態度影響的調節作用。本文從三大產業中取得279個樣本資料,經統計分析檢驗結果發現: 1. 分配正義比程序正義對異動後工作態度有較大的正向影響。 2. 對組織信任及主管信任,比對同事信任更能產生正面的工作態度。 3. 組織正義與信任對工作態度具有顯著的交互作用。 本研究除了討論造成上述結果的原因外,並提出幾項學術上及管理上的重要意涵,同時也對後續研究提供些許建議。
Abstract The main purpose of this study was to examine the interaction effects of organizational justice in job transfer and employees' trust in their organizations on their work attitudes after job transfer. We treated the trust as a contextual factor that moderated the effects of justice on work attitudes. We collected data from 279 subjects from companies in three industries. The results from statistical analysis concluded that: 1. Distributive justice has a positive effect greater than that of procedural justice on employees' work attitudes after the employees being transferred to another job. 2. The employees' trust in their organizations and supervisors has a greater positive effect on work attitudes than their trust in their colleagues. 3. The justice and the trust have a significant interaction effect on work attitudes. We discussed the causes of these results and their implications to literature and managerial practice. In addition, we also provided suggestions to future research at the end of this thesis.
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