Title: 積體化金氧半壓控振盪器及預除器
A Fully Integrated Suspended Spiral-LC CMOS VCO with Prescaler
Authors: 柯勝民
Sheng-Min Ke
Yao-Huang Kao
Keywords: 互補式交叉耦合對
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 在本論文中提出一個全積體化金氧半壓控振盪器及預除器的組合,金氧半壓控振盪器的架構為互補式雙交叉耦合對(cross-coupled pair),並使用積體式平面電感電容共振調諧電路;此部分著重於可調範圍的延展及相位雜訊的降低。預除器的架構為採用相位切換式電路並使其能操作於除以128/129雙係數之功能;而此部分將著重於如何降低整個預除器的功率消耗。壓控振盪器量測的結果如下:振盪頻率為1.9663GHz~2.1538GHz,可調範圍為9.1﹪,在3V的電源供應時,功率消耗為23.58mW,在100kHz的相位雜訊為-100dBc/Hz。另外預除器模擬結果的功率消耗為28mW。此全積體化金氧半壓控振盪器及預除器的組合主要是頻率合成器之高頻部分,未來將提供作為研究射頻頻率合成器之基礎。
A fully integrated VCO with suspended spiral-LC VCO as well as Prescaler are fabricated by TSMC 0.35um CMOS technology. The design of VCO will emphasize how to upgrade tuning range and lower phase noise. The architecture of VCO adopts both n-MOS and p-MOS cross-coupled pair to enhance negative conductance. The output signals are differential. The measured results attain a oscillation frequency sweep from 1.9663GHz to 2.1538GHz, tuning range is 9.1﹪, power consumption is 23.58mW at 3V supply, and the phase noise -100dBc/Hz at 100kHz offset is obtained. The frame of prescaler uses phase-switching topology to achieve dual-modulus 128/129 operation. The aim is to reduce the dc power dissipation. The power dissipation of simulation of the presacler is 28mW at 3V power supply. These submodules form the bases for RF frequency synthesizer.
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