Title: 交錯耦合濾波器與 X-band 昇頻混波器
Design of the Cross-coupled filter with compact miniaturized resonators and Upconverter mixer
Authors: 陳俊志
Chun-Chih Chen
Dr. Christina F. Jou
DR. Jen-Tsai Kuo
Keywords: 交錯耦合;孔隙;濾波器;微小型共振子;橢圓函數;昇頻混波器;電阻性混波器;Cross-Coupled;Aperture;bandpass filter;miniaturized resonators;elliptic function;Upconverter mixer;resistive mixer
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 這篇論文中我們發展一個新的背對背微小型共振腔濾波器,它是包含有兩個微小形陣列在不同層,兩層之間中間夾著地,能量在上層可藉由aperture到下層。使用aperturer 架構可以大大縮小濾波器面積,與同一平面濾波器節省50%。 第二部分我們使用微小型諧振腔elliptic function平面濾波器設計在X-bnad混波器上。這個混波器是一個單一架構X-band電阻性昇頻混波器,利用elliptic function濾波器來增進昇頻器的效能,昇頻混波器設計在中頻為313 Mhz,向這樣低的中頻昇頻混波器,會使RF 和LO的阻絕性變差,但我們的設計仍然有不錯的表現,我們使用的為小型諧振腔也大幅縮小我們電路的面積,而且改善了混波器的spurious response
In this thesis a novel class of back-to-back microstrip filter with compact miniaturized resonators has been developed. The configuration of this filter consists of two arrays of compact miniaturized resonators in different dielectric layers. The common ground plane is between the two layers. Power in the upper plane can be coupled to the backside of the plane through the aperture on the common ground plane. The use of the aperture coupling saves half of the area occupied by the circuit, as compared with the filter made on a single substrate. The second part we use the elliptic function planner filter with compact miniaturized resonator on mixer design. The mixer topology is a single-ended resistive X-band upconverter mixer. The elliptic function filter improves the performance. In our mixer design the IF frequency is 313Mhz. Such low IF usually cause poor isolation in RF to LO isolation. However we can see it still have good performance. The filter with compact miniaturized resonators not only takes less space but also improves the mixer spurious response.
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