Title: 發送端利用週期性孔洞帶狀傳輸線於雙頻功率放大器之研究
Dual Band Power Amplifier by Using PhotonicBand-Gap
Authors: 旋乃仁
Nai-Jen Hsuan
Christina F. Jou
Keywords: 功率放大器;power amplifier
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文將討論一個系統,其結合了功率放大器,並利用週期性孔洞結構來改善他的效率,最後再結合一個雙頻的天線.我們首先研究如何設計週期性孔洞結構,討論它的面積,大小,週期對它的影響,接下來探討如何設計一個單頻的功率放大器,利用負載線的方法,再加上軟體的模擬找到最適當的功率輸出點,點為了雙頻的需要,我們嘗試利用寬頻的設計結構,去設計一個功率放大器,最後我們結合了貼片的天線,利用其第一高階模的特性,產生雙頻的系統.
Here ,our approach is to integrate a Dual-Band slot antenna with a broadband high power amplifier. This broadband high power amplifier (from 2.4G ~5.8G) is integrated with a PBG filter which stop all Band and pass only 2.4 Ghz and 5.8G hz. In recent years, power amplifiers are the important components at the trans- mitter. We use power amplifier to provide suit power and gain to meet system require -ment. At personal mobile communication , we not only need high power at system but also we want have more efficiency which let battery usage time to be longer .Now we have a vast market at 2.4GHz for using ISM-band , bluetooth. In the near future, it is possible 5.8GHz will also be used. Therefore here we designed a broadband PA from 2.4 GHz to 5.8GHz.
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