Title: 螺旋形晶片電感之製作探討
Study on The Fabrication of Spiral Chip Inductor
Authors: 彭以信
jason perng
k.k. chan
Keywords: 螺旋電感;spiral chip inductor
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 被動元件包括電容,電感與電阻,在射頻的領域上將會越來越重要,因為它們的品質因素一直是在射頻積體電路上最重要的因素之一。因此本論文將研究被動元件之一的電感—螺旋電感。而在螺旋電感之中,自振頻率和品質因素是最被需要被探討的。對於傳統的螺旋電感來說,幾乎都是做在矽晶片上(電阻率: 150~200 Ω•cm),對於一個品質因素要求甚高的被動元件來說這是不可以被接受的,所以本論文將選定陶瓷基板(電阻率: > Ω•cm ,氧化鋁),因為其電阻率幾乎比矽基板的好很多,所以其在高頻上幾乎沒有損耗,因此將改善其品質因素,並對於射頻積體電路上,例如低雜訊放大器,壓控震盪器,微波混波器,以及由被動元件組成的濾波器,甚至整個系統的電路都有著極大的幫助。
This thesis presents a study of fabricating the spiral chip inductor, which is one of the important passive components and widely employed in communication circuitry. Design of such inductors is carried out by simulation using CAD tool for many configurations. The designed chip inductors are fabricated on an alumina ceramic substrate with selective copper plating technique to result in low loss, high Q and accuracy devices pertinent to RF applications. The fabricated devices are characterized. The measured values are compared to that of the simulation with excellent coincidences. This indicates the present study is useful to practical applications in manufacturing commercialized spiral chip inductor.
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