Title: 全平面的增益加強及縮小化貼片天線
All-planar Gain-enhanced and Minimized Patch Antenna
Authors: 蔡昌毅
Chang-Yi Tsai
Dr. Ching-Kuang C. Tzuang
Keywords: 貼片天線;印刷電路板;慢波因子;截止帶;patch antenna;PCB;slow-wave factor;stopband
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文應用最近發展可增加慢波因子(Slow-wave factor)及寬截止帶(Stopband)的週期結構作了兩個應用。一是使用其慢波結構(Sloe-wave structure), 並以印刷電路板(PCB)的製程來縮小貼片天線的大小。與傳統的貼片天線相比較, 應用此結構的貼片天線的邊長及面積可縮小至76%和57%。第二個應用則以壓抑表面波的來增強貼片天線的增益。根據實驗的結果, 設計天線的增益比傳統的高了1.03dBi。貼片天線的製作說明及量測結果均敘述於本文之中。
Utilizing the recently developed Electric-Magnetic-Electric (EME) composite metal strips, which can increase the slow-wave factor and have a broad stopband, two applications are introduced in this thesis. First one uses slow-wave structures to minimize the patch antenna employing PCB (printed-circuit-board) fabrication process. The resonant length and area of the slow-wave patch antenna are reduced to be 76 % and 58 % when compared with the conventional one. Gain enhancement of the patch antenna by suppressing surface waves is the other application in our studies. According to the experimental results, the peak gain of the design patch antenna is 1.03 dBi higher than the conventional one. Statements and measurement results of both patch antennas are also included in this thesis.
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