Title: 空—時通道模型發展與量測之研究
Modeling and Measurements of Spatial-Temporal Radio Channel For Macrocell Environment
Authors: 葉人豪
Zen-Hou Yeh
Jenn-Hwan Tarng
Keywords: 通道;第三代;模型;巨細胞;空時;channel;Third Generation;Model;Macrocell;Spatila-Temporal
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文提出一套合併模型,該模型結合適應環境性電波傳播模型預估主要傳播路徑的能力,與幾何分佈式統計通道模型的預估散射(叢集)效應的優點,準確地預估空間(AOA)與時間(TOA)之分佈情形。 本論文利用先進的向量通道響應系統於交通大學光復校區巨細胞環境下,進行通道響應及特性之實地量測,分析在不同環境下,量測所得通道脈衝響應、TOA與AOA之合理性,並利用適應環境性電波傳播模型(site-specific model)分別驗證過量延遲及AOA的準確性。在分析量測數據過程中,我們發現接收訊號在頻譜上的叢集現象。 本論文亦利用實地量測結果,擬定一套選取等效散射半徑的方法,並利用 與 之量測值來探討等效散射範圍對於此二通道特徵參數的影響,並驗證合併模型預估 與 的效能。最後,本論文統計分析 與 量測值之機率密度分佈,探討分析該二參數之間正相關的特性。
In this thesis, we employ RUSK vector channel sounder to perform the spatial-temporal channel impulse responses and characteristics measurement in National Chiao-Tung University campus. We examine and validate time-of-arrival (TOA) and angle-of-arrival (AOA) obtained by site-specific ray-tracing model simulations and measurements. In this works, scattering cluster effects are observed. A novel hybrid model, which combines site-specific ray-tracing model with geometry-based statistic model, is developed to evaluate the TOA and AOA. The former model yields a deterministic prediction of the major propagation modes: (1) a direct-path wave; (2) a ground-reflected wave; (3) the wall-reflected waves; and (4) the around-corner-diffracted waves. The later model describes the scattering cluster effects due to the randomly positioned scatterers around the distant reflected/diffracted points. This study proposes a method of choosing the equivalent scattering radius, and explores the influence of angle spread(AS) and delay spread(DS) with different equivalent scattering radiuses. Validation of AS and DS of hybrid model is included. Finally, this study discusses the correlation between AS and DS of measurements.
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