Title: 摺疊式共平面波導諧振腔和濾波器
Folded Coplanar Waveguide Resonators and Filters
Authors: 林栩平
Hsu-Ping Lin
Chi-Yang Chang
Keywords: 共平面波導;諧振腔;濾波器;coplanar waveguide;resonator;filter
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 研究運用了共平面波導的結構,且採用了耦合係數法和解析法設計了多種電性長度小於90o的梳型和交錯型帶通濾波器,包括兩折共平面波導梳型和交錯型帶通濾波器、改良式兩折共平面波導帶通濾波器、三折共平面波導帶通濾波器。 文中還介紹了有廣義柴式響應特性之四階交錯耦合帶通濾波器(cross-coupled bandpass filter),最後比較其不同於一般柴式濾波器而在有限頻率上引入傳輸零點,使的通帶之高低頻側邊有較強之頻濾選擇性。
In this thesis, several coplanar waveguide comb-line and interdigital bandpass filters,including double-folded coplanar waveguide comb-line and interdigital bandpass filter、improved two-folded coplanar waveguide bandpass filter、tripple-folded coplanar waveguide filter,with electrical length smaller than 90o are studied by using coupling coefficient method and analytical method。 A coupled quadruplet(CQ) bandpass filter with generalized Chebyshev function response are introduced。The CQ filter shows a very steep skirt at both sides of pass-band because it introduce attenuation poles of finite frequency near the high edge and low edge of the passband。
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