Title: 地過孔對微帶線-帶線轉接信號傳輸特性影響之分析
Analysis of the Effects of Ground Vias on Signal Propagation Across Microstrip-to-Stripline Transition
Authors: 張旭鴻
Xu-Hong Chang
Lin-Kun Wu
Keywords: 地過孔;電磁干擾;時域有限差分法;多層印刷電路板;ground via;emi;fdtd;multipayer
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 在現今的科技水準之下,crosstalk及不理想的電氣特性是多層印刷電路板過孔的主要缺點,本文以地過孔設計改善過孔所造成的電磁場的不連續,提供電流往返路徑的一致,避免共模電流的產生。地過孔設計的採用可以極寬頻的降低crosstalk現象及提供較佳的電磁傳播特性,使產品設計者可以大大的提高產品穩定度且符合當今越來越嚴格的電磁規範。
Large-scale crosstalk present among vias and high-frequency signal transmission performance are major drawbacks in state-of-the-art high frequency multilayer printed circuit broad. The design of ground vias improves the problem of discontinuous electromagnetic wave propagation caused by the use of the use of vias alone. Ground vias provide almost identical length of forward and backward signal paths for current to minimize the excitation of common mode current. The adoption of ground via in this article can achieve ultrawide-band crosstalk reduction and better electromagnetic performace. It helps engineers to improve the stability of system and easily meet today’s electromagnetic performance criteria .
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