Title: 共平面波導Ka頻段次諧波混頻器
Coplanar Waveguide Ka-Band Subharmonic Mixer
Authors: 吳宏龍
Hong-Long Wu
Chi-Yang Chang
Keywords: 共平面波導;次諧波混頻器;鏡像消除;Ka頻段;coplanar waveguide;subharmonic mixer;image rejection;Ka-band
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文是利用混成式微波積體電路的製程,使用共平面波導的結構製作一個鏡像消除次諧波混頻器,其目的希望能夠應用在LMDS(Local Multipoint Distribution System)的系統上面,以期能夠有良好的鏡像消除功能。除了利用反並聯式配對二極體(anti-parallel diode pair-APDP)製作次諧波混頻器,還製作了威金森功率分配器以及寬頻的3dB偶合器(Lange Coupler)。實作電路面積縮在1吋 ×1吋15 mil 氧化鋁基板上,量測結果顯示在LMDS所需的IF頻段上鏡像消除能夠有20dB以上。
A coplanar waveguide image rejection subharmonic mixer is design and fabricated in this thesis. We expect that The image rejection mixer could be applied to LMDS system and improve image rejection ratio. In this thesis, A subharmonic mixer with anti-parallel diode pair is employed, and CPW Wilkinson power divider and Lange coupler are developed. The whole circuit is fabricated on a 15 mil Al2O3 substrate with a area of 1 inch ×1 inch. The measured image rejection is better than 20dB in IF band of LMDS.
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