Title: 基於波長蜂胞結構之全光分波多工網路
The λ- Cell architecture for All-Optical WDM network
Authors: 張耀元
Yao-Yuan Chang
Dr. Ming-Seng Kao
Keywords: 分波多工;光纖寬頻網路;光塞取多工器;光交換;WDM;Fiber optic network;OADM;OXC
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文提出一種新的網路結構 – “波長蜂胞結構” 用於建構全光分波多工光纖網路。我們參考無線通訊系統中”蜂胞”的相關概念提出”波長蜂胞結構”的想法,以建構一個簡單的分波多工光纖網路,其中所有蜂胞皆全時連接以獲致高容量傳輸及最少延遲。此網路是一個結合光電路交換和光封包交換優點的雙層混合網路。在蜂胞 – 蜂胞的層次當中,不同蜂胞透過多個波長頻帶互相通訊,其通訊的機制類似光電路交換網路。在細胞內的通訊則採用類似於光封包交換的機制:由多個目的地節點來分享同一個初始節點的發送機容量。由於每個節點僅需要配置光塞取多工器,而光交換設備僅在某些特殊節點上需要,因此整個網路架構非常簡單。我們探討了一個實際的範例 – 雙環狀波長蜂胞分波多工光纖網路,並由這個例子深入研究波長蜂胞結構於現實網路上的可行性。所得到的結果顯示,波長蜂胞分波多工光纖網路將會是未來光纖寬頻網路系統的良好選擇。
We propose a new network architecture – the “λ- cell architecture” – to realize all-optical WDM networks. By analogy with the “cellular” concept of wireless communications, we propose the ”λ- cell architecture” for constructing a simple WDM network with always-on connections between cells to achieve high capacity transmission and minimal delay. Theλ- cell based WDM network is a two-level hybrid network which combines the advantages of optical circuit-switching and optical packet-switching. At the cell level, the architecture is a wavelength-routed network with dedicatedλ- bands between different cells. Within a cell, it mimics an optical packet-switching network in which one transmitter’s capacity of a source node is shared by several destination nodes. The implementation of the network is simple because the necessary components for each node are only optical add/drop multiplexers (OADMs), and optical cross-connects (OXCs) are needed merely for some special nodes. We study an example – the Double Ringλ- cell WDM network – to better understand theλ- cell architecture. The results reveal that the all-opticalλ- cell WDM network is suitable for future broadband photonic network.
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