Title: 台語TTS變調規則與斷詞器之製作
Implementation of Tone Sandhi Rules and Tagger for Taiwanese TTS
Authors: 黃競億
Jing-Yi Huang
Dr. Sin-Horng Chen
Keywords: 語音合成;台語;變調規則;speech synthesis;Taiwanese;Tone Sandhi Rule
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 在本論文中,我們在台語TTS系統中引進了變調的觀念,處理先前研究中所未考慮到的變調規則,以及詞性的觀念,應用於TTS系統中的韻律訊息產生器與文句分析部分,讓語音合成的的效果可以更自然流利。我們並針對台語詞庫作改進,希望對語音合成系統對文章的斷詞結果可以有較佳的結果,以改善語音合成的品質。我們並使用統計方法來製作一個台語的短詞合成系統。
In this thesis, based on a Min-Nan speech TTS system proposed in previous study, some modifications were done to improve the quality of synthesized speech. The original Min-Nan speech TTS system contained three parts- text-parser, prosodic information generator and PSOLA synthesizer. It is well known that the tone sandhi will change the tones of most speech from the lexicon tone in Min-Nan. In order to get better pitch contour of synthesis speech, a unit is added after parser to change the tone information generated from parser according to the tone sandhi rules of Min-Nan. The POS(part of speech) is also added in the lexicon of parser to get more information in text and a better performance of prosodic information generation unit was achieved. Finally, in order to improve the performance of short word, a statistical prosodic information generating scheme is built for a word synthesizer.
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