Title: 光纖通訊亂碼收發機
A chaotic communication transceiver design for optical fiber systems
Authors: 郭志成
Chih-Cheng Kuo
Winston I. Way
Keywords: 安全性;混沌;通訊;收發機;光纖;實作;相空間;security;chaos;communication;transceiver;optical fiber;implementation;phase space
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 在本論文中,我們提出一個以〝渾沌〞為基礎的編碼、解碼系統來達到安全通訊的效果。我們主要探討整個收發機的設計和相關的實做問題。並且選擇一名為〝渾沌〞的訊號作為傳送訊號的載波來達到安全傳輸的目的,而〝渾沌〞訊號從其外觀來看具有不規則、像雜訊等行為表現。首先,我們先對〝渾沌〞訊號做一個詳細的介紹及描述,並且且舉一些其在安全通訊上的應用。其次,我們發現先前應用上的一些瑕疵,因疵針對這些瑕疵我們提出一個以〝渾沌〞為基礎的編碼、解碼系統來克服這些缺點。然後我們呈現實做的細節及相關的結果。最後我們也提供我們提出的系統及其他系統的錯碼率效能並且給予分析及比較。
In this thesis, we have proposed a chaotic-based coding-decoding scheme for secure communications. We mainly discuss secure communication transceiver design and related implementation issues. And we choose a signal named chaos, which exhibits erratic and random-like behavior, as a carrier to mask (carry) information signals to achieve the purpose of secure communication. First of all, we give a detailed description of chaos and its application in secure communication. Secondary, we find out some imperfections in previous work, and propose a chaotic-based coding-decoding scheme to overcome these weaknesses. Then we present implementation details and related results. Finally, we present bit-error rate performances of our proposed scheme and others, and analysis and make a comparison between them.
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