Title: 乙太網路數據機之設計與實作
Ethernet Microwave Modem Design and Implementation
Authors: 楊明潔
M. J. Yang
Winston I. Way
Keywords: 乙太網路;雙二位元;光纖到家;存取網路;Ethernet;Duobinary;FTTH;Access Network
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 在本論文中,我們主要是探討乙太網路運用在光纖存取網路上時,系統設計與實作上的一些問題。我們成功的製作了一部125Mbps Duobinary 數據機與一部1.25Gbps Modified-Duobinary數據機,並且,在不做任何光纖色散補償的情況下,成功的以125Mbps Duobinary數據機傳送單一頻道的125Mbps Fast Ethernet訊號達62.75公里;而1.25Gbps Modified-Duobinary數據機也成功的傳送單一頻道的1.25Gbps Gigabit Ethernet訊號達52.75公里。另外,我們也針對次載波多工系統的應用提出一個合適的新調變技術來增加系統的效能,我們說明了它的原理與架構,以及討論它在應用上與實作上的問題。最後,我們討論了一個光纖存取網路所應有的功能,並提出一個實體網路控制系統架構,也說明了它的功能與限制。
In this thesis, we focus on the system design and implementation issues of Ethernet modem over optical access network. A 125Mbps Duobinary modem and a 1.25Gbps Modified-Duobinary modem were successfully implemented. We also experimentally verified that (1) one Fast Ethernet channel transmitted over a fiber span of 62.75km and (2) one 1.25Gbps Gigabit Ethernet channel transmitted over a fiber span of 52.75km, both without any fiber dispersion compensation techniques, are practical. In addition, a new modulation technology suited for the performance improvement of the SCM system was proposed. We explained the theory and architecture of the new modulation scheme, and investigated the possible issues of implementation and the feasibility of its application on the SCM system. In the last part of the thesis, we present the proper capability of an optical access network, and a physical layer network control system scheme was proposed. We also discussed the functionalities and limitations issues of the control system.
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