Title: 快速熱退火對AlInGaP紅光半導體雷射之影響
Influences of rapid thermal anneal on AlInGaP red light semiconductor laser
Authors: 鍾雲凱
Yun-Kai Chung
Wei-I Lee
Keywords: 磷鋁化銦鎵;雷射;快速熱退火;紅光;AlInGaP;laser;RTA;red light
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: AlInGaP紅光半導體雷射在光儲存系統與雷射印表機方面有很廣泛的應用。本論文主要在研究快速熱退火(RTA)對AlInGaP紅光半導體雷射的影響,內容包括雷射的研製以及經RTA處理後的雷射特性分析與討論。適當溫度如750℃左右的RTA處理能改善雷射特性,但RTA溫度過高如850℃以上則會招致反效果。在脈衝電流(1μsec脈衝寬)操作下,寬50μm長500μm,經750℃ RTA後的雷射樣品其臨界電流為66.4mA。而寬50μm長1500μm,經750℃ RTA後的雷射樣品之臨界電流密度為158.67A/cm2。而經750℃ RTA處理後的雷射樣品之波長可縮短約4nm。依本研究的結果,可選擇適當的RTA條件來降低臨界電流以及縮短雷射波長以因應各種應用。
AlInGaP red light semiconductor lasers are very useful for application of optical storage system and laser printer. The thesis is to research the influences of rapid thermal anneal (RTA) on AlInGaP red light semiconductor laser. The contents include the product of the laser and the characteristics of the laser after RTA. We found suitable temperature such as 750℃ of RTA can improve the laser characteristic. But if the temperature of RTA is too high such as above 850℃, the result will be opposite. We found the laser after 750℃ RTA under pulse current measurement (pulse width= 1μsec), wide 50μm and long 500μm, it’s threshold current Ith is 66.4mA. The laser after 750℃ RTA, wide 50μm, long 500μm, it’s threshold current density Jth is 158.67A/cm2. The wavelength of the laser after 750℃ RTA can shorten about 4nm. According to the result of the thesis, we can choose suitable RTA temperature to make threshold current and wavelength lower and shorter of the laser.
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