Title: 不同波長之線偏極紫外光對液晶配向膜之研究
Study on the Liquid Crystal alignment properties of photo-sensitive Polyimide film irradiated by LPUV light at different Wavelength
Authors: 陳琮瓏
Chong-Long Chen
Dr. Ru-Pin Chao Pan
Keywords: 光罩;線偏極紫外光;mask;Linear Polarized Ultra Violet Light
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 研究利用250nm跟313nm兩個不同波長的線偏極紫外光曝光在光配向膜CBDA-BAPP上的特性,我們從實驗中已經可以發現到,液晶分子的排列方向會方別與250nm波長線偏極光偏極方向平行,313nm波長線偏極光偏極方向垂直,我們也分別對兩種不同波長做了穿透率與Azimuthal anchoring strength的量測,並且利用光罩,我們發現對於光罩上間隔過小的圖樣無法轉印的很好,但是仍可以轉印較大的圖樣
The photo-modified polyimide films for aligning liquid crystal, CBDA-BAPP, exposed to linearly polarized light by two different wavelength, 250nm and 313nm, has been investigated. From our experiments, we get that the alignment direction of the LC is parallel to the polarization direction of LPUV light with 250nm, and perpendicular to the direction of polarization with 313nm, and the results of transmission and anchoring strength. We also make patterened LC cells by using mask technics. But we can’t get all of the patterns on LC cells from our results.
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