Title: 基板溫度、濺鍍氣氛、退火條件對五氧化二鉭 (Ta2O5) 薄膜電容器之介電特性之影響
The effects of substrate temperature, sputtering ambient and annealing condition on the dielectric characteristic of tantalum oxide thin film capacitors
Authors: 陳建良
J.L. Chen
Bi-Shiou Chiou
Keywords: 五氧化二鉭;介電材料;tantalum oxide;dielectric constant
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 基板溫度、濺鍍氣氛、退火條件對五氧化二鉭 (Ta2O5) 薄膜電容器之介電特性之影響 研究生:陳建良 指導教授:邱碧秀 博士 國立交通大學 電子工程學系 電子研究所碩士班 摘 要 在本論文中,將對五氧化二鉭應用在電容器之介電層薄膜之應用作研究。五氧化二鉭介電材料可廣泛的應用在動態隨機存取記憶體,射頻電容器,內嵌式電容器等。五氧化二鉭之優勢在於其較高的介電係數,低製程溫度及較好的製程整合特性。 本實驗中研究不同製程條件對五氧化二鉭薄膜電容器之電特性的影響。基板溫度,濺鍍氣氛及退火條件是本實驗著重的幾個方向,再篩選出較佳的製程條件後比較其電特性。為了了解五氧化二鉭在應用上的可行性,本實驗對其介電特性及物理特性作諸多分析。此外本實驗也比較了陽極氧化法製程和反應式濺鍍製程之特性比較。為了了解五氧化二鉭在高頻的特性,在本實驗中也設計了高頻量測的圖騰,並對其介電特性和頻率關係討論。
The effects of substrate temperature, sputtering gases and annealing condition on the electrical and dielectric characteristic of tantalum oxide thin film capacitors and its microwave properties Student : Jian-Liang Chen Advisor : Dr. Bi-Shiou Chiou Institute of Electronics National Chiao Tung University Abstract Tantalum oxide thin films on Si prepared for modern microelectronics methods (sputtering of Ta in Ar and O2 mixture and anodic oxidation of tantalum layer on Si) have been investigated with respect to their dielectric, structural and electric properties. Ta2O5 had application as a gate dielectric (MOSFET application), capacitor dielectric (DRAM dielectric), antireflecter layer (photovoltaic application)…etc. By the dramatic scaling-down of integrated circuits that has pushed conventional dielectric films (silicon dioxide or silicon nitride) close to their physical limit in terms of reductions of thickness and dielectric strength. In this study, the electrical properties of Ta2O5 with different deposition temperature and annealing technique are investigated. The microwave properties of Ta2O5 thin film were investigated in details. The electrical characteristic of anodic tantalum oxide was compared with sputtering tantalum oxide in this study.
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