Title: 陰極射線管用之螢光粉經表面改良後應用於低壓場發射顯示器上之研究
Surface Modification of CRT Phosphors for the Application in Low-Voltage Field Emission Display
Authors: 張家豪
Chia-Hao Chang
Bi-Shiou Chiou
Keywords: 螢光粉;場發射顯示器;陰極激發光;Phosphor;Field Emission Display;Cathodoluminescence
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文探討如何將陰極射線管用之螢光粉應用於低壓場發射顯示器,其中將會遭遇兩個主要的問題,一個是螢光粉表面的非發光層以及螢光粉本身的高電阻率的問題。其中螢光粉的高電阻率的問題,必須去降低高電阻率以防止螢光粉在低電壓操作下,其表面會有charging-up現象的產生,因此在此將利用InCl3來改善其在低壓的發光特性。而另一個問題螢光粉表面的非發光層的存在,則是將利用酸性濃液蝕刻螢光粉,以去除此不發光層的存在,而來提昇螢光粉的發光亮度及效率。
An investigation of the CRT phosphors applied to FED phosphors at low voltage. Two main obstacles are non-emissive layer of phosphor surface and high resistivity of phosphor. The high resistivity of CRT phosphors is necessary to lower in order to reduce charging-up on the phosphor surface at low voltage. In this study, InCl3 is utilized to improve the low voltage cathodoluminescent properties. The non-emissive layer of phosphor is etched with a aqueous solution of acid. The etching results in an increase of cathodoluminescenct efficiency without any detected change in surface composition as detected by Auger electron spectroscopy. The low-voltage cathodoluminescent characteristics are particularly enhanced.
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