Title: B型抗諧振反射光波導表面電漿子共振感測元件於水中環境應用之研究
Investigation on ARROW-B SPR Sensors in Aqueous Environment
Authors: 張維容
Wei-Zung Chang
Yang-Tung Huang
Keywords: B型抗諧振反射光波導;表面電漿子共振;感測元件;ARROW-B;surface plasmon resonance;SPR;sensor
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文中,發展了對B型抗諧振反射光波導(ARROW-B)表面電漿子共振(SPR)感測元件的分析與設計方法。其中包含三個概念:一是使用B型抗諧振反射光波導,因為它可以傳播TE和TM模態以及具有跟傳統抗諧振反射光波導一樣的優點;二是探討表面電漿子波(SPW),其現象對瞭解B型抗諧振反射光波導表面電漿子共振感測元件之特性提供了物理性洞察力;三是利用覆蓋層之調整,使B型抗諧振反射光波導表面電漿子共振感測元件能針對不同的偵測環境,提供彈性的設計。基於以上三個概念設計了水中感測的B型抗諧振反射光波導表面電漿子共振感測元件,可以得到高達10-5的感測度。
In this thesis, a systematic method to analyze and design an ARROW-B SPR sensor is developed. In this method, three ideas are included: (1) an ARROW-B structure is used because it supports both TE and TM modes and has advantageous features as a conventional ARROW waveguide; (2) surface plasmon wave (SPW) is investigated in detail to gain physical insights into characteristics of an ARROW-B SPR sensor; (3) an overlay is used for adjusting the ARROW-B SPR sensor applicable to the interested environment. Based on these three ideas, an ARROW-B SPR sensor is designed to operate in aqueous environment, and a high resolution for detecting changes on the order of $10^{-5}$ in the refractive index of environment is achieved.
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