Title: 高品質多晶矽氧化層最佳成長條件之探討
The Exploration of Best Conditions for Growing a Thin Polyoxide Film with High Electrical Qualities
Authors: 李自強
Tzyh-Cheang Lee
Kow-Ming Chang
Keywords: polyoxide;多晶矽氧化層
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文主要在於探討具有高品質電特性多晶矽氧化層薄膜之最佳化成長條件,為了達到此目的,首先我們必須找出多晶矽之片電阻對於多晶矽氧化層的影響。因此,第二章主要是討論成長多晶矽氧化層最佳的片電阻區域;第三章和第四章則專注於多晶矽的處理;在第五章至第七章,我們使用很多不同的方法來成長多晶矽氧化層;根據這些步驟,本論文可分為七個章節:
This thesis is focused on the exploration of best situations for growing a thin polyoxide film with high electrical qualities. In order to achieve this purpose, we have to find the influence of sheet resistance of polysilicon on polyoxide in the first step. Thus, chapter 2 was used to find the best sheet resistance region for growing the polyoxide. Chapter 3 and chapter 4 were focused on the treatment of polysilicon. In chapter 5-chapter 7, many different methods were used to grow the polyoxide film.
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