Title: 低功率濾波之研究
Investigation of Low-Power Filter
Authors: 李封藝
Feng-Yih Li
Keywords: 低功率;乘法器;濾波器設計;可程式化;Low-Power;Multiplier;Filter Design;Programmable;Systolic
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 本論文提出一種新的反轉極性的方法,來實現一個低功率的乘法器,文中討論各種實現電路的方式,並實作一個低功率的乘法器電路來跟其它種實現方式比較。接下來並討論應用單一個乘法在各種濾波架構下時,此乘法器的優缺點,以及改進的方式。在同一種濾波架構下,再考慮多個乘法器在電路上、運算時序上的編排方式,以達到應用此乘法器時最低功率的效果
In this thesis, we propose a new multiplier design technique using inverse polarity method for low-power filtering. The new design can reduce signal switching activity within a multiplier array. We also investigate various implementation techniques for the realization of low-power multipliers. The new designed results are compared to the existing ones. In addition, we investigate the advantages and disadvantages of using a single multiplier of different kinds, assuming various kinds of filter structures. On the other hand, for each structure, we consider the resource allocation and scheduling for best low-power effect using the new multiplier.
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