Title: X光光罩之鼓膜與吸收層之研究
Jnvestigation on X-ray Mask Membranes and Absorbers
Authors: 徐志學
Zhi-Xue Hsu
Yang-Tung Huang
Jeng-Tzong Sheu
Keywords: 鼓膜;吸收層;電子迴旋共振化學氣相沈積系統;X光光罩;碳化矽;鉭化矽;membrane;absorber;ECR CVD system;X-ray mask;SiC;TaSi
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 本文研究主旨在探討X光微影術中,以碳化矽為鼓膜、鉭化矽和鉭矽氮 化物為吸收層之光罩製程技術。碳化矽利用電子迴旋共振化學氣相沈積系 統生成薄膜,反應氣體為甲烷及四氫化矽, 激發離子電漿的氣體為氬氣。實 驗過程中,我們和用田口法分析碳化矽的沈積參數, 用以找出最佳化的條件。 以薄膜的沈積速率來看, 甲烷的流量、電漿的功率和晶片的位置是主要影響 的數;而甲烷與四氫化矽的流量比則對於生成β相碳化矽有很大的影響。 剛沈 積完的鼓膜及吸收層均是壓縮應力,利用熱回火的過程可使應力趨向於低 張應力。運用氯氣蝕刻三層結構 氧化層/ 吸收層/ 氧化層,可得到線寬為0.16 微米的精細的圖案。
In this study, we investigate the x-ray mask technology on SiC membrane and TaSi or TaSiN absorbers. Silicon carbide film was deposited by electron resonance plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (ECR-CVD). The reactive gases were silane and methane, and the carrier gas was Argon. We utilized the Taguchi Methods to analyse the parameters for depositing SiC film, and determine the optimum condition. The methane flow rate, microwave power and stage position are the main effect of the film growth rate. The as-deposited stress of membrane and absorber films were compressive, and turned into low tensile stress by thermal annealing process. The tri-layer structure of oxide/absorber/oxide can fabricate the fine pattern with 0.16μm linewidth by Cl2 gas.
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