Title: 環境變革下台灣電力產業之研究發展策略
The R&D Strategy of Taiwan's Power Industry towards Liberalization
Authors: 秦桔新
Jie-Shin Chin
Benjamin Yuan
Keywords: 自由化;民營化;電力科技;研究發展策略;Liberalization;Privatization;Electric Power Industry;R&D Strategy
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 研究發展是企業經營之原動力,亦是提升企業體質,強化市場競爭之重要元素。尤其是專業化、高科技之電力工業,其研究發展益顯重要。台電公司目前仍為國營事業,台電之研發工作配合國家的經濟政策及電業目標,因而受到許多束縛和限制。目前台電即將面臨自由化及民營化的改變,對於研究發展方向會有重大的影響,因此,如何研擬適合台電研究發展策略,以達公司目標,是台電公司應加以深思的重要課題。 本論文針對未來台灣電力產業的市場狀況與科技環境加以分析,研擬出電力綜合研究所內、外部環境之優勢(Strength)、劣勢(Weakness)、機會(Opportunity)與威脅(Threat)(SWOT)。除此之外,參考國內相關機構,包括:工研院、中華電信研究所與中國鋼鐵公司之研究發展部門,以及國外知名電力研究機構,分析其面對自由化與民營化的衝擊,所採的因應之道;最後,透過專家意見,分析台灣電業研究發展資源及內外研發環境,並據以規劃最有利於未來台灣電業發展之電力科技發展方向,提供台電未來長期研發策略的建議參考。
R&D plays an important role in how to drive a business, promote business quality, and reinforce market competition, especially in specialty, high-tech electronic industry. The Taiwan Power Company is state-run business. Owing to it's research works are fitting with the economic policy of national and the goal of electricity industry, the Taiwan Power Company is facing a lot of limitations. It is an important topic for TPC to evaluate R&D strategy under the privatization and liberalization pressure, and to conduct a proper strategic research. The thesis was to review the future possibility for Taiwan electricity industry and technology environment, and evaluate the SWOT of internal & external environments of the Taiwan Power Company. Besides, it sought to review the history of privatization and liberalization of some famous companies, domestic (Industrial Technology Research Institute, Telecommunication Laboratories and China Steel) and foreign major research institute. In addition, it attempted to study their implications for Taiwan Power Company. Finally, with expertise opinions, the thesis analyzed the resources and environments of Taiwan electricity research & development, and submitted of the most beneficial direction for electricity technology development of Taiwan electricity industry.
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