Title: 電場對奈米結構的影響
The influence of electricfield in nanostructure
Authors: 廖俊彥
GinYian Liau
YaChen Chou
TienMin Wo
Keywords: 奈米結構;氧化;氮化鈦;鈮;矽;nanostructure;oxidation;TiN;Nb;Si
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 近年來由於對奈米結構的研究非常的興盛,但其生成的詳細原因則需近一步探討。對於製造表面奈米結構中,AFM(Atomic Force Microscopy)及 STM 是廣為使用的兩項儀器,因此本篇論文為透過 Cabrera and Mott 的理論,藉由數值的電位電場的計算方法(稱為 CSM),模擬在類似 AFM的實驗環境下,計算所得到的數據結果和實驗測量的數據,作一分析比較,以期能對結構的生成原因作一了解。 在本文中,我們做了五種材料,為TiN、Nb、Si(100)、Si(110)及Si(111),從實驗及模擬的比對結果中,發現這些材料和 Cabrera and Mott 理論有著相類似甚至有很好的符合程度。
Recently,the research of nanostructure has attracted much researcher’s interest.The theoretical discussion of the formation of the nanostructure is not very clear and need further studies. AFM(Atomic Force Microscopy)and STM(Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy) are popular tools for fabrication of nanostructures.We use the theory of Cabrera and Mott to explain the formation of nanostructures.The electric field in the space between the conducting tip and the samples is calculated with a charge simulation method(CSM). And our results shows that the growth of the oxide nanostructures can be very well understood with the Cabrera and Mott theory if the electric field is well characterized. We could simulate the growth of nanostructure and analyed the simulated results by comparing with experiment results.
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