Title: 添加PbO對La4Ti9O24微波陶瓷性質之影響
The Influence of PbO on La4Ti9O24 Microwave ceramics
Authors: 蔡明典
Tsai Ming-Tien
Pang Lin
Keywords: 微波陶瓷;介電常數;微波性質;microwave ceramic;dielectric constant;microwave properties
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 本研究利用PbO覆蓋於La4Ti9O24陶瓷基材上,分別改變不同的持溫溫度以及時間,觀察Pb2+在La4Ti9O24中的擴散行為以及反應層的變化。 另一方面,利用添加PbO在La4Ti9O24微波陶瓷中,製作出La2/3TiO3微波陶瓷,藉由改變不同的PbO添加量(x=0.3~3)以及燒結溫度(1250℃、1300℃、1350℃),觀察微波性質的變化。在x=3、1300℃下燒結4hr可以得到介電常數92,Q值約1129的微波陶瓷體。
There are two part of discussions were included in this study. The first part we cover the PbO on the La4Ti9O24 substract , by changing the holding temperature and time, discussing the diffusion mechanism and the thickness change of reaction layer. The second part is adding PbO on La4Ti9O24 to synthesize (Pbx,La1-x)2/3TiO2.993. By controling the composition of PbO-La4Ti9O24 and the sintering temperature(1250℃, 1300℃, 1350℃), analyze the difference in microwave properties. In the following conditions: x=3, 1300℃/4 hours, the microwave ceramics have permittivity=92 and dielectric loss=112
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