Title: 貨車監理制度對貨物運輸的影響及其改善之研究
Effects on the Cargo Transportation by Truck Supervision System and Its Improvement Methods
Authors: 劉泰益
Tai-I Liu
Chin-Tsai Wang
Keywords: 貨車監理制度;Truck Supervision System
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 貨物運輸為交通運輸重要一環,然長久以來國內對貨物運輸的不重視,衍生出許多現象,如汽車貨運業靠行現象普遍、自用貨車違規營業情形嚴重、貨運車輛不當使用情形,不僅對貨物運輸產業的發展造成阻礙,亦對整體交通運輸環境產生嚴重衝擊。綜觀國內現行貨物運輸問題之產生,除外在交通環境、外來競爭、內部經營特性與運輸技術之現代化、資訊化外,與現行公路主管機關對貨車管理政策有密切關聯,貨車監理又是貨車管理最重要一環節,本研究透過對貨車車輛管理、貨車駕駛人管理、貨物運輸業管理及稽查等貨車監理法規政策之檢討、分析,並就法規面與執行面,提出貨車規格分類重新界定、提高自用貨車申請核發標準、明確界定貨運業類別、提高自用車違規營業處罰、規範貨物運輸業別與違規營業取締執行與認定標準、加強貨車臨檢制度、修改現行車輛車種分類等改善建議供政府相關管理機關之參考,進而有效改善因貨車監理制度不當所造成之貨物運輸問題。促使貨物運輸市場能更健全的發展,達政府、貨物運輸業者與廣大消費市民三贏的局面。
Cargo transportation is a key link for domestic transportation. But it has been neglected by our government for such a long time that many phenomena has been derived. For example, truck companies cooperate with private truck owners to expand their operations. Drivers run illegal delivery services with private trucks. Freight vehicles are used improperly. All the above not only are obstacles to the development of freight industry but also result in serious influence to the whole freight environment. To view the whole situation, the domestic freight problems at present are closely related to the existing truck management policies, in addition to physical traffic environment, external competition, internal operation characteristics and the modernized & informationalized transport technique. Among the above, truck supervision is the most important link. I review and analyze the existing freight regulations crafted to manage trucks and drivers and to audit freight business. The main points of my research are stated as follows: to redefine classfication standards for truck specifications, to raise the plate application stardards for private trucks, to stipulate definitely freight business category, to stipulate clearly the criterion to crack down illegal business operations, to increase penalty for illegal business operations with private vehicles, to enhance truck temporary inspection system, to modify the existing vehicle classfication. The above suggestions proposed to our executive authorities as a reference are ensured to improve the freight problems caused by improper truck supervision system. Furthermore, this must be conducive to a sound development for the domestic freight market as well as help reach a triple-winning situation among the government, freight operators and the massive consumers.
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