Title: 在數位攝影機上觸發即時自動對焦的研究
A Study of Triggering Real-Time Auto-Focus on Digital Video Camera
Authors: 陳嘉清
Chia-Ching Chen
Shyan-Ming Yuan
Keywords: 自動對焦;數位相機;數位攝影機;監視器系統;auto-focus;digital camera;digital camcorder;surveillance system
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 由於一般的數位相機、數位攝影機或監視器系統,大都採用所謂的被動式的自動對焦技術。本論文係利用被動式自動對焦技術,分析主要對焦區域及次要對焦區域的各項變動關係,提出一個可以應用在需要即時自動對焦系統上觸發即時自動對焦的方法。
Most of the digital cameras or digital camcorders or surveillance systems using passive auto-focus technique in the system. In this thesis, analyzing the variation of main and sub focus regions base on passive technique, and a practical triggering real-time auto-focus method has been proposed which can be used in the real-time auto-focus system.
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