Title: 無線行動隨意網路及基礎網路之安全問題研究
Security Issues in Mobile Ad Hoc and Infrastructure Networks
Authors: 李日新
Jih-Hsin Lee
Yu-Chee Tseng
Keywords: 行動隨意網路;第六代網際網路通信協定;有線對等隱私;Wi-Fi保護存取協定;暫時密鑰完整性協定;MANET;IPv6;WEP;WPA;TKIP
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 在最近幾年無線網路技術快速的發展。這無線網路的優點包括:彈性、價格低廉、容易安裝…等等。有兩種無線網路模式:行動隨意網路(MANET)及基礎建設網路,不管怎樣,在無線網路上,其相關的安全性問題是受重視的。本篇論文想要針對兩個不同無線網路模式的相關安全問題做研究。 (1) 在行動隨意網路方面,安全的選徑是重要的議題。我們提出一個安全啟動及選徑協定的行動隨意網路。它是在IPv6的環境中,修改DSR(dynamic source routing)協定來支援安全的選徑。我們針對如何用安全的方法形成一個無線行動網路,也針對在無線行動網路中,如何來維護選徑及傳輸的安全。這協定有下列特性:(a)它是被設計在IPv6環境,(b) 它依賴一個事先組態的DNS伺服器,(c)它能夠抵擋各種的安全攻擊。 (2) 在802.11無線基礎網路方面,我們研究目前安全的協定並且分析它們的安全關係。
The wireless networking technologies have progressed very fast in recent years. The advantages of wireless networks include flexibility, low cost, easy installation, and so on. There are two wireless networking models: mobile ad hoc network(MANET)and infrastructure network. However, the related security issues in wireless networks are big concerns. This thesis intends to address the related security issues of these two different network models. (1) In a mobile ad Hoc network, secure routing is an important issue. We propose a secure bootstrapping and routing protocol for MANETs. The pro-tocol is modified from dynamic source routing (DSR) to support security routing in an IPv6 environment. We address how a MANET is formed in a secure manner. We also address how to maintain routing security and transmission security in a MANET. This protocol has the following charac-teristics: (a) it is designed Based on IPv6, (b) it relies on a DNS server for network pre-configuration, and (c) it is able to resist various security attacks. (2) In an infrastructure IEEE 802.11 network, we research current security protocols and analyze their security concerns.
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