Title: 多目標鋪面養護方法選擇模式之研究
Multi-objective Programming Model for Selecting Pavement Maintenance Method
Authors: 黃維謙
Huang Wei-Chien
Dr.Tzeng, Gwo-Hshiung
Keywords: 鋪面養護方法;多目標規劃法;模糊多目標規劃法;二次模糊多目標規劃法;Pavement Maintenance Method;Multi-objective Programming Method;Fuzzy Multi-objective Programming Method;Two-phase Fuzzy Multi-objective Programming Method
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 由於台灣地區公路路網的逐漸完整,近年來在路面工程的內涵上已從較單純的技術層次提昇至複雜之管理層次。同時,由於汽機車數量持續增加,對鋪面造成的破壞日益嚴重,除影響行車品質外並可能因而導致用路者之傷害。為了減少鋪面破壞對用路者的負面影響、符合用路者對公路服務品質之要求,進而提昇道路鋪面的使用壽限,因此,道路之鋪面管理已成當務之急。現行之養護作業均有賴於工程師之主觀經驗判斷、選擇需養護路段及所採行之養護方法。然而,此種經驗式之養護方法由於缺乏系統性之規劃,因此,將會影響路面品質的一致性,甚至徒增經費而達不到預期之效果。有鑑於此,本研究首先針對國內養護單位現行之養護維修問題進行檢討與分析;再運用多目標規劃方法構建鋪面養護方法選擇模式,以改善目前養護維修方式。 基於養護效益最大化、工作負荷差異最小化及養護作業時間最小化之目標考量,本研究構建一多目標鋪面養護方法選擇模式,以供實務單位進行鋪面養護作業時之養護決策依據。本研究以模糊多目標規劃法及二次模糊多目標規劃法進行求解。為了證明本模式之可行性及實用性,本研究參考實際資料,設計簡例並進行測試分析。其結果顯示為同時達成上述之養護目標,養護作業應採預防式養護策略,即在鋪面發生破壞的早期進行一般性養護作業。由於養護經費來源日益拮据,採取適當的預防式養護策略不僅可以延長鋪面的使用壽命,同時就長期而言,採取預防式養護策略的成本也會較低,更可使道路時時保持高品質之用路環境。
According to the highway networks completed gradually in Taiwan, the road engineering already advances form the elementary technique level to the complicated management level. In addition, the number of motor vehicles in Taiwan expanding rapidly in recent years lead to the frequent distress to the pavement, which not only effect the road service but also cause possibly the negative impact on road user from time to time. In order to reduce the negative impact on road user, meet their requirement on safer and more comfortable road service, and add the life-cycle of pavement, the pavement management for road is going to be more and more important at this stage. The present pavement maintenance works depend on the objective judgement of pavement engineers, the choice of the maintained roads and the selection of pavement maintenance methods. Nevertheless, these pavement maintenance methods depending on the engineer's experience are in lack of systematic program. It will influence the consistence of the quality of road, cause the dissipation of limited budge and effect the predicted achievement. This study aims to discuss and analyze the pavement maintaining problems in domestic government unit, and to introduce the dynamic concept of multi-objective programming to construct the model for selecting pavement maintenance method. Based on consider the objectives of the maximum pavement maintenance profit, the minimum difference of worked loads and the minimum work time, this study constructs a model for selecting pavement maintenance method. It can be a useful reference for the management who is responsible for the decision-making of pavement maintenance policy. Furthermore, in order to prove the practicability and possibility of this model, fuzzy multi-objective programming method and two-phase fuzzy multi-objective programming method are adopted. This study collates the practical data and designs some cases to be analyzed. The results show that the maintenance works must adopt the preventing pavement maintenance policy to reach the above-mentioned objective at the same time. In other words, the general maintenance operations have to be done for pavement distress in early stage. From a long-term point of view, because the budget is going to decrease, the corrective prevention of pavement maintenance policy adds the useful life of pavement, reduces the maintenance cost and ensures the high quality of the roads in the future.
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