Title: 台鐵車路分離路線使用費之研究
A Study on Taiwan Railway's Franchise Cost after Separation of Infrastructure and Operation
Authors: 李增男
Tseng-Nan Lee
Tai-Sheng Huang

Keywords: 車路分離;路線使用費;Separation of Infrastructure and Operation;Railway's Franchise Cost
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 台鐵車路分離路線使用費之研究 研究生:李增南 指導教授:黃台生 國立交通大學交通運輸研究所 論文摘要 本研究以台鐵「車路分離」模式之架構,探討鐵路路線之維持費用,分析單位列車公里與路線維持間之關係及路線使用之計費方式。 本研究內容包括第一章緒論,第二章文獻回顧與台鐵車路分離現況,第三章內容為台鐵之客貨營運、路線維持現況及資產開發經營現況;第四章將台鐵路全線分為縱貫線、宜蘭線、北迴線及東線等四條路線,以台鐵82年度~86年度工務部份之路線維持費用為應變數,不同之當量列車計量單位為變數構建數個路線維持成本模式,經迴歸計算,以列車速度衝擊力產生路基壓應力所構建之模式較佳。 第五章利用列車速度衝擊力產生路基壓應力所構建之模式,平衡各路線間及各車種間之營運成本;第六章提出結論與建議。
A Study on Taiwan Railway's Franchise Cost after Separation of Infrastructure and Operation Student : Tseng-Nan Lee Advisor :Professor Tai-Sheng Huang Institute of Traffic and Transportation National Chiao Tung University Abstract This study based on the framework of "Taiwan Railway's separation of infrastructure and operation", which is a model discussed by all prospects, try to analysis the franchiser's cost for the track maintenance and her charge formulation. This research contains: Introduction for chapter one. Documents Review and the splitting of operation infrastructure status quo for chapter two. The status quo of TRA's operation of passenger and freight transportation, the status quo of tracks maintenance and resource exploitation management for chapter three. Splitting TRA's tracks into four segments: Trunk line, Ilan line, North link and East line, Taking the track maintenance cost of civil engineering department as a variable, based on the revenue from 1993 to 1997, build up several track maintenance cost module with various equivalents of train units as a variable, by regress analysis obtains the optimum module based on the subgrade stress produced by train sets impact. Chapter five describes the balancing management cost of every route with different train sets utilizing the optimum module. Chapter six bring up conclusion and suggestion. II
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