Title: 雙瓶頸投料模式之建構
Two-Bottleneck Smoothing Releasing Scheme
Authors: 劉世永
Shih-Yung Liu
Dr. Ching-En Lee
Keywords: 半導體工業;投料法則;雙瓶頸;semiconductor industry;releasing policy;two-bottleneck smoothing
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 台灣最近投資在半導體工業的金額愈來愈多。因為機台設備價值不斐,所以追求機台利用率最大化是必要的,然而此舉會造成週期時間的增長,使得競爭力減少。因此,發展出一適切的投料法則去克服複雜的生產環境是必要的。 過去的投料法則都是以單一固定瓶頸機台去做投料規劃,本篇論文提出雙瓶頸投料模式去判定何時該投何種晶圓批到現場去加工生產。由製造執行系統(MES)所獲得的資訊,可以動態地修正投料優先順序和投料時點。結果顯示,此種投料法則可以有效的使平均週期時間縮短18.5%以及減少15.2%的平均週期時間之標準差。
Recently there has been enormous investment in the semiconductor industry in Taiwan. The maximizing capacity utilization is a major focus. However, the increase of capacity utilization may cause a longer cycle time which may hinder the growth of this industry. Therefore, a good releasing policy to cope with this complicated environment is very important. Different from previous studies which designed releasing polices based on the status of a specific bottleneck. This research develops a two-bottleneck smoothing releasing scheme determining when and which wafer lot should be released into the shop floor based on the status of the top two highly utilized bottlenecks. With real-time information from manufacturing execution system (MES), the priority and the time point of releasing is adjusted dynamically. Results indicate that the proposed releasing scheme achieved a reduction of 18.5% in the mean cycle time and a reduction of 15.2% in the standard deviation of cycle time.
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