Title: 評估工業產品整體品質程序之研究
Studies on the Procedure for Evaluating the Total Quality of Products
Authors: 黃啟鑫
Chi-Hsin Huang
Lee-Ing Tong
Keywords: 服務品質;顧客滿意度;標竿;顧客忠誠度;產品整體品質;service quality;customer satisfaction;benchmarking;customer loyalty;total quality
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract:   在以顧客為導向的消費時代,消費者對於工業產品的品質要求越來越嚴格,除了產品本身的品質之外,其相關的服務也相當重要,因此要衡量一個工業產品的整體品質,必須包含兩部份:產品本身的品質和相關的服務品質,這樣才能完整地反應出產品品質的好壞。目前關於服務業之服務品質的量測與顧客滿意度調查的相關文獻非常多,但是對工業產品整體品質方面的研究則不多見,也沒有一個可以衡量工業產品產品整體品質的適當量表。 本研究的主要目的即是發展一套評估工業產品品質的流程,藉以衡量工業產品的整體品質。在衡量工業產品整體品質之後,可將整體品質量化後得到一個工業產品整體品質的分數,這個分數除了可以作為各家廠商的標竿(benchmarking)比較之外,並且可以針對各家廠商建立一個可以預測顧客忠誠度(再次消費意圖)的系統。結合產品之整體品質資訊與顧客滿意度,可以形成一套資訊回饋系統,能有效地將顧客的意見充份地反應出來以供廠商作為改善其工業產品整體品質的依據。本研究以台灣手機產品整體品質為例,來說明如何應用本研究所構建的評估工業產品質流程。
In the customer-oriented consuming age, consumers pay much more attention to the product than before. In order to accurately assess the total quality of products, two parts must be included: product quality and related service quality. There have been many studies on the service quality and the customer satisfaction, but among them only few are related to the products. The objective of this study is to develop a procedure to properly evaluate the total quality of products and to construct the quality index. The quality index can not only be utilized to benchmark various brands of product, but also to predict the customer's loyalty to a certain brand. The information of total quality and the customer satisfaction can provide the manufacturers a direction to improve their products' total quality. Moreover, the proposed procedure is a general procedure can be used for evaluating the total quality of any product. A case study of evaluating the total quality of mobile phone is illustrated to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed procedure.
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