Title: 利用中國郵差演算法實作光碟節目之規範測試
Conformance Testing of Interactive Compact Disc Titles Using Chinese Postman Algorithm
Authors: 薛富中
Fu-Chiung Hsueh
Gau-Rong Liang
Keywords: 規範測試;光碟節目;中國郵差演算法則;Conformance Testing;Compact Disc Title;Chinese Postman Algorithm
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 本研究提出以中國郵差演算法則(Chinese Postman Algorithm, CPA)來產生光碟節目(CD title)之最佳測試序列。通常在光碟大量生產前所需的規範測試,是用商業化模擬軟體來進行。此方式不只是?發式的而且花費大量測試時間。本研究將建立一個測試序列產生方式的數學模式,而因為光碟的所有互動狀態皆呈現在眼前,所以在執行其規範測試時也就相當於利用中國郵差演算法測來找出一條最短測試序列。而此種方法也兼具了系統化和節省測試時間之優點。另外為了確認我們所預期之性質,所以更利用了LINDO軟體與Access資料庫的連結來實作出一個"最佳測試序列產生器",而其所產生之最佳測試序列,再套用ISO IS 9646中之動態行為表格式來執行測試。最後此實驗用之原型系統亦如我們所預期地展現出良好的績效。
Chinese Postman Algorithm (CPA) is proposed for the generating the optimal testing sequence of interactive Compact Disc (CD) title. Usually the well-accepted method to for testing a CD title before its mass production is through commercial simulation software. Such an approach is not only heuristic but also time-wasting. In this research, a mathematical model is built for generating the testing sequence. Because all the interactive states of CD are observable, it is equivalent to finding the shortest testing sequence using the CPA. This approach is both systematic and time-saving. For validating the properties we predicted, an optimal testing sequence generator consisting of software LINDO and database Access has been implemented. Then the optimal testing sequence is executed in ISO IS 9646 format. The experimental prototype system shows the performance as well as we expected.
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