Title: 剛性儲存槽之隔震研究
Study of Seismic Isolated Rigid Tank
Authors: 卓桂榮
Guey-Rong Jwo
Yen-Po Wang
Keywords: 隔震;摩擦單擺支承;儲存槽;seismic isolation;friction pendulum bearing;storage;tank
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 本文探討應用摩擦單擺支承於儲存槽隔震之可行性研究。由於隔震儲存槽動力問題涉及流體動力學與結構動力學之理論,本研究首先根據流體力學推導剛性儲存槽之流體動力理論,進而結合結構動力學建立結構—流體動力理論。藉由此一數值解析模式進行隔震系統之隔震效益評估,並完成嚴謹的參數研究以供設計之參考。最後,亦完成摩擦單擺支承與鉛心橡膠支承儲存槽之比較設計實例,以示範支承設計之流程。研究結果顯示,摩擦單擺支承可有效降低儲存槽動力反應,且不同系統參數之隔震表現也可被精確地預測。基於加裝摩擦單擺支承之隔震儲存槽,其動力特性不隨其重量多寡而改變的優點,使得摩擦單擺支承應用於具重量變化特質之儲存槽比鉛心橡膠支承更具優勢。 關鍵詞:隔震、摩擦單擺支承、儲存槽。
In this thesis, the feasibility of using the friction pendulum systems for seismic isolation of storage tanks is investigated. The dynamic problems of seismically isolated storage tanks involve theories of fluid mechanics and structural dynamics. In this study, the hydrodynamics of rigid storage tanks is first derived based on theories of fluid mechanics and the hybrid structural-hydrodynamics of rigid tanks with seismic isolation is further developed in conjunction with the principles of structural dynamics. With the analytical model developed, the effectiveness of the friction pendulum systems is assessed and rigorous parametric studies have also been carried out for design purposes. Finally, a comparative design example of both the friction pendulum systems and the lead-rubber bearings for earthquake-resistant design of a storage tank has been presented to demonstrate the design process for such applications. Analytical results indicate that the friction pendulum systems can effectively suppress the seismic responses of the tanks and the performance of the isolation system with respect to different system parameters can be accurately predicted. In addition, the weight-varying characteristics of storage tanks make the friction pendulum systems more favorable than the lead rubber bearings since the dynamic characteristic of an isolated tank is invariable regardless of its weight if implemented with FPS. Keywords:seismic isolation, friction pendulum bearing,storage, tank, .
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