Title: 高溫蒸氣催化稻殼灰水泥漿體抗壓性質之研究
The compressive property of the "Rice-Husk Ash"-Cement pastes made by the high-temperature steam-curing method
Authors: 王咸凱
Vincent Wang
Yaw-Nan Peng
Keywords: 蒸氣催化;稻殼灰;鈣矽比;steam-curing;rice-husk ash;calcium/silicon ratio
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 本研究主要在了解不同鈣矽比之稻殼灰水泥漿體在高溫(120, 150及180℃)蒸氣催化下的強度表現。 在實驗中,雖然沒有發現水泥在添加稻殼灰後有甚麼特殊的強度表現,但是運用高溫蒸氣催化的方法,可以在一天之內生產相當於標準養護28天的試體。因此,若從縮短工程工期及確保工程品質的角度來看,以蒸氣催化的方式生產含稻殼灰的混凝土結構構件仍應受到重視。
This studying aims to know the compressive strength of the "rice-husk ash"-cement pastes, with different calcium/silicon ratios, formed through the steam curing procedures under high temperatures(120,150 and 180℃). Though, in the laboratory's work, there's no particular behavior in our pastes, we still find that in less than one day's steam-curing time we can produce samples with strength equal to that of a standard one (cured in lime-saturated water for 28 days).So, from the viewpoint of time-saving and quality assurance, it's worth producing the concrete structures containing the rice-husk ash with the high-temperature steam-curing method.
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