Title: Slope Transform在影像還原的應用
Application of the local slope transform to image restoratoin
Authors: 林志明
Lin, Zhi-Ming
Xue, Yuan-Ze
Keywords: 影像處理;線性訊號處理;影像還原;結構元素;資訊;電腦科學;Slope transform;Image processing;Linear signal processing;Image restoration;Structuring element;Slope Transform;image restoration;INFORAMTION;COMPUTER-SCIENCE
Issue Date: 1997
Abstract: Slope transform is often applied to image processing in recent years. It takes a part in nonlinear signal processing similar to Fourier transform in the linear signal processing. The thesis proposes a method to image restoration using Slope transform. We first give mathematics model and some examples to state the proposed method and problems. Then, using known structuring element to restore a dilated image. Finally, using a test image and its dilated image to achieve structuring element. After this, any distorted image by a same dilation-like distortion can be restored.
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