Title: CORBA與物件導向資料庫結合之新架構
A New Architecture for Integration of CORBA and OODB
Authors: 許瑞愷
Sheu, Ruey-Kai
S. M. Yuan
Keywords: 物件導向;資料庫;分散式環境;整合;架構;Object-Oriented;Database;Distributed Env.;Integrated;Architecture
Issue Date: 1997
Abstract: 物件導向資料庫提供了物件資料模組以及物件永續、交易語意等功能。為 了能廣泛的使用物件導向資料庫,ODMG訂定了物件導向資料庫系統管理標 準; 另一方面,隨著分散式物件技術的發展,OMG制訂了CORBA,以提供分 散式物件間溝通管道的標準。為了整合這兩個標準的資料模組、獲得整合 兩系統的好處以及建立更成熟的系統架構,CORBA與物件導向資料庫的整 合是目前分散式系統非常急切且重要的議題。在本論文中,我們使用一個 自然的方式,重新使用物件異動服務以及物件包裝技術來自動整合CORBA 與物件導向資料庫。經由我們的設計,CORBA與物件導向資料庫開發者並 不需要具備對方的知識即可使其物件在對方的系統上使用。除此之外,本 系統也提供了錯誤回復功能,以保證物件的一致性。整個CORBA與物件導 向資料庫的整合工作都是自動化、透通化的完成。 Object-oriented database system supports object-oriented data model with the functionality of persistency and transaction semantics. In order to broden the use of OODB, the Object Database Management Group defined a standard for object database management system. On the other hand, Object Management Group defined the Common Object Request Broker Architecture which is an emerging standard of distributed object technology providing the interconnection bus between distributed objects. For the sake of matchingthese two object models, taking the advantages of merging both of them and building a more sophisiticated architecture, the integration of CORBA and OODB is currently an urgent and important issue in distributed object systems.Instead of using Object Database Adapter suggested by the ODMG, in this thesis, we provide a natural way of reusing the Object Transaction Service and wrapping techniques to introduce OODB into CORBA automatically. Through our design, the CORBA clients or OODB implementers do not need to know any knowledge of each other. Additionally, error recovery is also provided to guarantee the consistency of object states. The whole tasks for integrating CORBA and OODB is done transparently.
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