Title: Purchasing Behaviors and Market Segmentation of Digital Cameras—A Study on Hsinchu Consumers
Authors: 林源昌
Lin, Yuan-Chang
Yu, Xiao-Cheng
Chen, Guang-Hua
Keywords: 數位照相機;購買行為;市場區隔;生活型態;消費者;管理;科技;digital camera;purchasing behavior;market segmentation;life style;consumer;MANAGEMENT;TECHNOLOGY
Issue Date: 1996
Abstract: Since technologies have been improving and becoming popular, marketing of Hi-tech products has its uniqueness. And, using consumer life styles as the basis of market segmentation, is believed to be an effective approach.This research employs EBM model as the market segmentation analysis framework and applies to the marketing of the digital camera. The variables considered include general life styles, product characteristics, purchasing motives, access of product information, evaluation criteria and product selections. Data collection was through questionnaire to consumers in Hsinchu area. In the process of data analysis, factor analysis was employed for dimension reduction. Market segmentation was based on cluster analysisThe empirical results of this research reveal that Hsinchu consumers likely to buy digital camera can be categorized five groups: "innovative", "rational", "active", "impulsive" and "advertisement-oriented". The product characteristics of the digital camera can be attributed to "computer-applicable attribute", "camera-like attribute", "product outlook attribute", "image-processing attribute", "operation attribute", "battery attribute", "quality-guarantee attribute", "the difference in the count of the picThis research finally recommends, for each market segment, marketing strategies, including product strategy, pricing strategy, channel strategy, and promotion strategy
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