Title: KTV視訊伺服器的儲存管理
Storage Management of a KTV Video Server
Authors: 陳奇宏
Chen, Chie-Hon
Suh-Yin Lee
Keywords: 視訊伺服器;儲存管理;KTV;KTV;Video Server;Storage Management
Issue Date: 1995
Abstract: 儲存設備的成本大量降低,以及多媒體技術的蓬勃發展,數位化視訊資 料已能實際使用在視訊服務的系統上。由於視訊資料的資料量大、頻寬高 ,如何有效儲存這些龐大的資料並提供多人的同時擷取,便成為視訊伺服 器在儲存管理上的重要課題。 在這篇論文中,我們提出了一個視訊伺服 器的儲存架構。在這個架構上,建立了一個能供應多人即時擷取視訊資料 的系統,並在有限的成本下,能提供大量的視訊內容給使用者選取。其中 運用了許多提升效能、保證視訊品質、以及降低成本的方法。包括了磁碟 排程、使用人數管制、多層次的儲存設備以及內容資料的擺放等等。最後 ,能從KTV 系統的實際應用上,證實這儲存管理系統的有效性與可行性。 Due to the reduction of cost in storage devices and rapid progress of mult imedia techniques, it becomes possible to use digital video in a video service system. However, video data are of large amount and require high bandwidth for retrieval. Therefore, to store large amount of video data and to support many concurrent retrieval for clients are the important issues for storage subsyste m of video server. In this thesis, a storage structure of video server is proposed. Upon this structure, a hierarchical storage management system is built which can support several clients for video streams concurrently. Besides, the system can supply large amount of contents for clients to choose under a reasonable cost. There are many methods used to improve performance, guarantee quality of service, an d to reduce the cost of server. These methods include disk scheduling, admissi on control, storage hierarchy and popularity based assignment of contents. Fin ally, by implementing KTV application on the server, the effectiveness and eff iciency of the server can be proved.
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