Title: Synthesis of Silver Nanoprisms and Nanodiscs an Applications in Fluorescence Blinking Suppression
Authors: Yu, Pyng
Huang, Jane
Yuan, Chi-Tsu
Tang, Jan
Department of Photonics
Keywords: Nanoprisms;Nanodiscs;Halide ions;Fluorescence blinking, Blinking suppression
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: In this work we investigated the influence of reagents in the synthesis of triangular silver nanoprisms through direct chemical reduction. We identified the chemical role of each reagent, i e H(2)O(2), poly(vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP) and NaBH(4), by systematically varying one reagent concentration while keeping the concentration of other reagents constant We also discuss the applications of nanoprisms in blinking suppression of single semiconductor quantum dots. In addition, we also investigated the synthesis of silver nanodiscs through the reconstruction of triangular nanoprisms using halide ions. The results from different halide ions presented the different face-selective etching rates on the well-identified facet in the silver nanoprism.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/6009
ISSN: 0009-4536
Volume: 57
Issue: 3B
Begin Page: 528
End Page: 533
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