Title: Anticancer and Antioxidant Activities of the Peptide Fraction from Algae Protein Waste
Authors: Sheih, I-Chuan
Fang, Tony J.
Wu, Tung-Kung
Lin, Peng-Hsiang
Department of Biological Science and Technology
Keywords: Algae;peptide;Chlorella vulgaris;antiproliferative
Issue Date: 27-Jan-2010
Abstract: Algae protein waste is a byproduct during production of algae essence from Chlorella vulgaris. There is no known report on the anticancer peptides derived from the microalgae protein waste. In this paper, the peptide fraction isolated from pepsin hydrolysate of algae protein waste had strong dose-dependent antiproliferation and induced a post-G1 cell cycle arrest in AGS cells; however, no cytotoxicity was observed in WI-38 lung fibroblasts cells in vitro. The peptide fraction also revealed much better antioxidant activity toward peroxyl radicals and LDL than those of Trolox. Among these peptides, a potent antiproliferative, antioxidant, and NO-production-inhibiting hendecapeptide was isolated, and its amino acid sequence was VECYGPNRPQF. These results demonstrate that inexpensive algae protein waste could be a new alternative to produce anticancer peptides.
URI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/jf903089m
ISSN: 0021-8561
DOI: 10.1021/jf903089m
Volume: 58
Issue: 2
Begin Page: 1202
End Page: 1207
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