Title: 在實際系統上用邏輯方式建構投票權
Exploiting Logical Structure Quorum on a Physical Structure
Authors: 廖先志
Hsien-Jyh Liao
楊千 孫春在
Dr. Chang-Yang
Keywords: 投票權; 邏輯方式; 通訊成本;quorum; logical structure; communication costs;
Issue Date: 1993
Abstract: 為了提高分散式系統的可靠度,我們可能會將資料複製許多份,然後存在 不同的地方。這樣做雖然會提高系統的可靠度,但是要使得資料達到一致 性卻會變得比較困難。投票權的使用可以幫助我們解決這個問題。但是在 一些討論以邏輯方式建構投票權的文章中都只考慮一個投票權集合所用的 點數多寡而以。在這篇論文中,我試圖找到一種法則,使得同樣使用邏輯 方式建構一組期望通訊成本最小的投票權集合。 Data Replication will increase the availability and realiability of a distributed system. Although the replication may need more complex control protocol to achieve data consistency. Quorum can help us to control a set of data copies. The most common method of constructing quorum is majority voting. That is to say, any operation may need the majority votes. This condition can ensure the data consistency. The other methods to construct quorum is organizing the whole sites in the system as a logical structure, such as grid, tree, etc. The communication costs is regardless here, but it is unreasonable. In this paper, we may try to find a method to construct quorum by using logical structure but with minimum expected communication costs.
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