Title: 電池檢視與控制器之研究
Study of detection and controller for lithium batteries
Authors: 曾致暉
Tseng, Chin-hui
Chou, Chang-pin
Keywords: 鋰電池;鋰電池控制器;放電循環;終端電壓;lithium batteries;controller;terminal voltage;discharging cycles
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 科技快速發展,能源需求大增,能源開發一直是人類追求的目標之一。鑒於氣候暖化與能源危機的問題,尋求其他能源開發的迅速發展,其中電池一為主要發展應用的研究重點,如讓電池釋放能量可以充分地被應用和準確的預測電池使用時間,並在儲存能量時能快速,方便地回復能量,甚至於高功率的應用,一直是電池發展的主要目標。 本論文利用8051單晶片處理器為整合控制與監測鋰電池模組的核心,其主要工作有以下五點要素1.監管電池模組不要過充電或欠充電。2.市電與電池模組供電切換。3.系統狀態的紀錄。4.省電模式的設定。5.系統電路的保護。以及用軟體LabView 作為擷取與儲存工具,找出放電的行為。藉由觀察記錄放電的行為,準確的預測電池剩餘工作使用時間,且考慮到隨著電池模循環次數增加伴隨而來的電池老化與放電時間的關聯性,其特性曲線與控制參數寫入晶片來呈現電池的放電行為與電池模組在放電作工時所需的規範。
The thesis describes the behavior of battery discharge and how to maximize battery capacity usage becomes an essential key influence to the entire power management design for lithium-ion battery. This thesis subjects a controller along with a lithium battery module to build up a platform to experiment. With this platform, we measured the whole cycle life and further to analyze how different cycle times influences the discharge characteristics of lithium battery. This battery management system designed for managing 7-Series and 3-Parallel cell battery system, provide a complete battery system control and battery capacity prediction. This technology can estimate the behavior of discharge of battery by cycle life. Through the model’s parameters, battery life prediction curve, are measured from the experiment under cycle times. The battery information interface use LCD as the display device, the battery communicates the info to MCU8051 controller via the interface. It reaches the complete management system design and improves the battery performance and life cycle. It also can be set the interlock including over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection and thermal protection. When discharge process starts, the battery module controller will be used to estimate the capacity and life-time, calculate the battery terminal voltage under particular state of discharge to be a reference of battery life prediction curve. This technology can imitate the behavior of discharge under discharging cycles and estimate the operation time accurately from the experiment result. The entire architecture and the data of this experiment platform and result will be further explained and described in this thesis.
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