Title: LDI供應商於PCB產業之競爭優勢分析研究- 以O公司為例
A study on Competitive Advantage Analysis of LDI Supplier for PCB Industry Marke - The Case Study for O Companyt
Authors: 郭聰益
kuo, Tsung-Yi
Chen, Quang-Hua
Keywords: PCB 產業;競爭分析;LDI;PCB Industry;Competitive Advantage Analysis
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 自從智慧型手機、平板電腦熱賣與蘋果產品高度成長趨勢下,輕薄短小易於□帶的行動裝置蔚為主流,而促使印刷電路板產業製造技術,朝向更細線路與更薄基板的方向發展,因而需要有高對位高精度的製造生產設備。又因此類電子商品產品生命週期短,上市時機的掌握、量產化能力、生產成本的控管易形重要,尋求可符合此印刷電路板生產製造設備,便成為印刷電路板業界的研究課題。 LDI雷射直接成像的出現,使得印刷電路板影像轉移的曝光技術,產生了生產設備技術的典範轉移。LDI市場在PCB產業的萌芽,且充滿高成長的未來趨勢,因此吸引全球不少高科技公司投入此市場。在此充滿期待的LDI市場中,LDI設備製造商如何在印刷電路板產業中立足,強化競爭力、超越競爭者、提昇市場占有率,便成為各LDI設備製造商的重要策略目標。 本論文研究如何以科學的分析方法來協助企業評估其在此市場中的定位及競爭優勢,在個案研究中,運用競爭優勢分析,發現LDI供應商個案O公司的競爭優勢,以期將結果提供給該公司的決策高層作為參考。
Since Smart-Phone, tablet PC become best selling products and Apple i-products dominate electronic consumer market with highest growth rate. The more light, thinner, smaller, and shorter of mobile products become market mainstream, which drive PCB makers to toward the direction of manufactured equipment capability with higher accuracy and higher positioning technology. The seeking for the manufactured equipment can meet the requirements of the time-to-market, time-to-volume, and lowest manufacturing costs, has become the key research subject of PCB manufactures. The LDI, Laser Direct Imaging, released to market, which makes the change in exposure process of printing circuit board image transfer technology, and creating the technology paradigm shift of PCB manufactured equipment. LDI creates the new market in the PCB industry, and full of the future trend of high growth, and therefore attract a lot of high-tech companies around the world to invest in this market. This is full of great potential opportunities LDI market, how the LDI equipment manufacturers based in the printed circuit board industry, strengthen competitiveness, surpassing competitors, increasing market share, it will become an important strategic objectives of the LDI equipment manufacturers. The “Competitive Advantage analysis” found that the competitive advantage of case study O Company, and by which can provide referred results for the company's top decision-making.
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