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dc.contributor.authorPangki, Elviraen_US
dc.contributor.authorYang, Chyanen_US
dc.description.abstract電動車雖然已存在一百多年,但過去電動車較為劣勢的性能表現使電動車無法在市場上生存。近幾年由於環境污染過度嚴重以及油價不斷上漲的趨勢喚醒沉睡已久的電動車產業,具有環保意識的台灣也跟隨各國的腳步開始投入於電動車產業。對台灣而言,邁入電動車產業不僅是為環保上的考量,更是國家策略性的考量,電動車屬於未來的趨勢,台灣藉由此機會發展出未來市場的立足點。 台灣的電動車產業屬於起步期的階段,消費者對於電動車的使用仍有許多疑慮的地方,國家該如何利用並分配有限的資源來推廣尚未成熟的電動車產業並提升消費者對電動車的信心。本研究主要以關鍵成功因素理論為理論基礎,欲找出台灣電動車產業的關鍵成功因素,本研究首先研讀過去的文獻內容並整理出電動車可能的關鍵成功因素一覽表,再透過專家及企業的個案訪談方式加以確認;除外本研究欲了解電動車在領先國家的推動模式以及台灣推動電動車的過程與策略。本研究的訪談對象分別為國內領先電動車企業—裕隆汽車及研究專家—車輛研究測試中心。本研究發現,電池為電動車之核心技術無論在安全方面或是續航里程方面必須要有所突破,以追隨汽油引擎車優異之性能表現為目標,此外完善的基礎建設、價格競爭力、政府協助以及合適的營業模式也將成為電動車在台灣成功推廣的重要因素。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractElectric vehicles (EV) have existed for over 100 years, but in the past, EV had extremely poor performance compared to gasoline cars and failed to gain any significant market share. In recent years, due to environmental pollution and rising cost of oil let the EV industry rapidly gaining importance; Taiwan decided to follow world trends to develop environmentally friendly vehicles—EV industry. This action is not only as actual response to environmental issues, but also in consideration that EV will be future trends. Investation in EV industry will give Taiwan opportunity to hold the EV future market. The EV industry in Taiwan is yet at its preliminary stage of development. Consumers have prompted doubts about the practicality and performance of EV. How to use and allocate country limited resources to promote EV is the most important task of government today. This thesis is based on the theory of key success factors and tries to identify the key success factors of Taiwan EV industry; as the first step, we study the past literature and sort out some list that may be the key success factors of EV and will be confirmed through interviews of industry experts. The purposes of this thesis are also to review the promotion and practice of EV industry in Taiwan and the leading countries. Our in-depth interviews with Taiwan’s EV industry experts: Yulon Motor and ARTC were found that advances in EV core technology—battery technology, including safety and greater driving distance, can speed up the commercialization of EV. In addition, well-established infrastructure, lowest price, government assistance and the right business model will become an important factor in Taiwan’s success in promoting EV industry.en_US
dc.subject關鍵成功因素 (KSF)zh_TW
dc.subjectelectric vehicles (EV)en_US
dc.subjectkey success factors (KSF)en_US
dc.subjectcritical success factors (CSF)en_US
dc.subjectcase studyen_US
dc.titleThe Analysis of Key Success Factors for Electric Vehicle Industries in Taiwanen_US
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